World summer games Shanghai 2007
The special Olympic Games are the world movement engaged in the sport health organization and the competitions fulfillment for people with intellectual disabilities.
The special summer Olympic games in Shanghai are a great sports contest for people with intellectual disabilities. Thousands of sportsmen and trainers from 160 countries and regions around the world as well as 20 thousand of visitors from different countries took part over there. The Shanghai Olympic Games helped to disable people realize their full potential.
For the first time the Olympic games for disable people have been held in the Asian developing country. The Chinese government and the Shanghai municipality have done the huge preliminary work for successful conducting of this sports event.
82 million 960 thousands of disable people, including 9,9 million people with intellectual disabilities live in China. The Chinese government pays attention to living conditions improvement of disable people and also tries to make their life more interesting. Achievements of China in this field were highly appreciated by the international community. Due to the Olympic Games the Disabled Assistance Program will have the further development not only in China, but also over the whole world.
The game motto "you are capable, I am capable too! I know I can!" completely reflects an event idea. Shanghai Olympic games in 2007 for people with intellectual disabilities are a serious action for rehabilitation of people with intellectual disabilities by sports, a step to create the harmonious society with kind-heartedness and solidarity.